Well 2013 started a while ago. I haven’t written anything since then. I will employ the colloquialism: “oops”.

2013 has been a busy year for me. In January I was given a permanent position at work: Assistant Pattern Engineer. (Assistant means I don’t know anything yet). I am being trained by our current Pattern Engineer to do his job. What is pattern engineering? I am so glad you asked, you are going to find it so interesting. A pattern engineer’s job is to take a design of a shoe or boot and make a pattern for it. The pattern serves as blue prints for the factory. For example: every men’s size 9, D width boot has to have a particular size vamp, quarter, foxing (these are all pieces of the boot). A pattern engineer is tasked with figuring out how large each piece needs to be. Generally speaking when staring with a new design one will use the sample size (at Lucchese that is a 9D  for men) to create the preliminary pattern and run trial, or prototype, boots until a suitable boot has been crafted. Then, the engineer (yes I love that I can call myself an engineer) will take that pattern and scale upwards and downwards on every piece, either adding or subtracting material to end up with a size range. This process is known as “grading”.

I know what most of you are thinking, “Good heavens! What an interesting job! I cannot fathom anything more exciting!”. Well I share your sentiment. I have been able to learn a lot of things about the bootmaking process through this position. As we are creating essentially the “blue prints” for every boot you have to learn and understand a lot of the processes that our factory use. It requires an extensive knowledge of the machinery used as well. All of which I find fascinating, as I am sure you do too.

Well now that work is out of the way….

I moved! Huzzah! I moved out to El Paso, AKA Tatooine (if you do not get this reference you do not deserve to read this blog) at the beginning of March. Big ups to mother and father for helping me move out here. I got myself a little apartment on the west side of town. I have enjoyed it so far. El Paso is significantly smaller than Dallas but it offers more than people think. I do however miss the green and the shopping. El Paso needs a Nordstrom, stat.

I also got a puppy. She is my baby. She is a 1.5 yr old Terrier/Chihuahua mix and she is precious and I love her.

I think that is about all I feel like typing.