As many of you know, I started working for Lucchese Boot Co. this year. Just this past month so much as happened, and I have learned so much. I wanted to be able to share everything going on in my now fairly chaotic life with my friends and family, so I did what any normal digital-age child would do: start a blog.

For those of you who do not know the story about how this whole thing got started, I will start with that story.

A little background info: My grandfather (Sam Lucchese Jr.) was the last Lucchese (and 3rd generation) to own the company. In 1970 he sold the company, but remained president of Lucchese until 1977. He passed away in May of 1980 due to cancer. Unfortunately I was never able to meet him. After he passed away our family had little, if any contact with Lucchese Boot Co. This changed last year, at my great-grandmother’s funeral. My great grandmother had been married to Cosimo Lucchese, Sam Sr.’s son, and Sam Jr.’s father. Yes, we Italians like to pass on names. At the funeral, which my mother met Randy Steele, a retail director at Lucchese Boots. They stayed in contact and in November he invited my mother and myself up to Santa Fe for the grand opening of the Lucchese Boot store there. It was there that I first any notion of working for the company. I met alot of the “higher-ups” of the company and they all begin to mention how great it would be to have a Lucchese working for the company again. I begin to seriously consider it after the trip. I expressed my interest to Randy, who in turn expressed that interest to the President Doug Kindy. To shorten things, in January they offered me a job as Apprentice Bootmaker and I accepted.

Now, I do not know anything about boots. Which is why over the next 4 months I will be in El Paso during the weeks, working in the factory, learning all the steps involved with making boots. I am incredibly excited about the next few months. I know it is going to be a lot to learn and a lot of hard work, but I fully intend to earn the right to work for Lucchese Boots.